Our Working Key Areas
1. Youth entrepreneurship and employment.
2. Agriculture.
3. Environment, energy and climate change.
4. Education and health empowerment.
5. Youth life skills development.

Our general activity is to attain youth’s talents/or potentials and prepare people to have specific obligation in the society as a good citizen of democratic nation, respect for ethics in all aspects of life and participate freely and fully in social, economic, and cultural facets.

Specifically, we are:
1. Developing entrepreneurial skills, capacity and income generating projects among youth for better utilization of available resources and hence reducing unemployment rate in Tanzania.
2. Conducting education campaigns to the community to improve education level in Tanzania.
3. Conducting seminars and workshop on environmental issues such as climate change, alternative energy sources and natural resources management.
4. Promoting and developing agricultural skills and creating opportunities among youth as one of the employment opportunities.
5. Implanting seeds of ethical leadership, good governance and patriotism in the hearts young generation of Tanzanians and promoting peace and harmony in the society through civil education.
6. Providing health education to the community on Malaria, STDs, infectious diseases and unplanned pregnancies.
7. Establishing education opportunities and funding especially for those students and/ pupils who drop out of schools because of pregnancies, poverty, lack of parents or guardians.
8. Promoting, assisting and encouraging grant acquisition, establishment and development of quality health services and facilities. In this endeavor, YTCP may seek cooperation of the Central and Local Government Authorities and other agencies within and outside Tanzania interested in health matters.
9. Facilitating and / or establishing Vocational Training Centres and Information Resource Centres with the aim of conducting courses, seminars, conferences and workshops in various fields required by the economic and community development sectors.
10. Improving and stimulating district, regional, national and international efforts to protect women against all types of abuse and promote gender equality and equity.
11. Forming alliances with other institutions and agencies within and outside the country in order to mutually strengthen each other for betterment of their communities.