Awareness Program in Dar es Salaam, 25 – 31 August 2010

In August 2010 Young Tanzanian for Community Prosperity (YTCP) held awareness programs in Ilala Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam. The following secondary schools were reached; Pugu High School,  Juhudi Secondary School,  Liku Secondary School and Kitunda Secondary School.

The objectives of these programs were to highlight various challenges facing students, and building the positive attitude, and helpful knowledge before exams. The challenges discussed are educational motivation, drugs and drug abuse, climate change and its impact to daily life, HIV AIDS and Reproductive Health.

Juhudi Secondary school is a public school with Ordinary Level students (form one to form four). In our awareness program conducted at the school, YTCP members held a seminar with form three and four students who were 95 students. The aim was to motivate them academically, create acceptable and responsible social conduct, conscious on the environmental changes and environmental conservation and sustainability and having a growing youth generation with less HIV infections and drugs abuse and addiction.
Presenters were YTCP members. A total of about 80 students participated on the talk along some of teachers from the school administration. Most of the students were impressed, motivated to work harder on their education and encouraged on planning and striving for their goals in life.


  • On eduation Catherine gave the students know how’s, tips and techniques on how to excel academically and pass with flying colours on their exams. A special importance was given to form four as they are approaching their final exams as topics such as final preparations before exams, what to do during exams, combinations and school selection and life after exams were presented to them.


  • On drugs abuse and HIV/AIDS, students were admonished by Edward, on the use of drugs and having unprotected sex and promiscuous sexual relationships which can result into increased rates of HIV infections. Along with these was HIV/AIDS impacts on youth potentials and ill effects on National development as a whole.


  • On Climate Change students were encourage to participate actively on different campaigns and initiatives to combat climatic changes such as planting trees and development of environmental friendly alternative energy sources.


Pugu Secondary is a public, boys-only boarding school with both Ordinary and Advanced Level students (form one to form six). During our visit at the school we had a talk with form four and six students who were about 300 in total. The headmaster gave opening remarks followed by presentations by YTCP members on Education, Environmental issues, Drugs abuse and HIV/AIDS.


  • Alfred stressed on the importance of academic excellence especially in this growing globalization with increased competition from other countries. Matters on academic planning and goals setting, how to prepare for examinations, what to do during examinations, combinations and school selections for Form four students, Higher Education Student Loans Board and Universities applications for Form Six students and life after examinations in the society.


  • Glory discussed the effects of climate change in the developing countries like Tanzania and the world as a whole, what young people can do remedy the situation at the level of society such as educating community around them, using environmental friendly energy sources and planting trees.


  • On Drugs abuse and HIV/AIDS, Mr. Mwitazy stressed on the significance of young people to abstain from using drugs due to its ill-effects on mental health, concentration on studies, work and national development at large, and bodily health.  Also, on HIV/AIDS: how it is transmitted, effects to young people and nation at large, how to avoid infections and recent developments on HIV/AIDS researches worldwide.
This is a public Ordinary level secondary school. During our visit we held a talk with form one to form four students. We addressed issues on academic excellence such as goals setting and planning, discipline, hard working, strategies on how to study effectively and prepare well for exams, examination strategies and combination and school selections.
Along with that were effects of drugs abuse on young people especially students on their education, goals in life and society at large; HIV/AIDS and its ill-effects to the students and society importance being given on how they can prevent themselves from contracting the deadly virus. The environmental issues were also discussed, including climate change and its global challenges.
Most of students were motivated, and showed a new attitude and hope to strive for a better future.
Liku is a private school with Ordinary Level students (form one to form four). During the YTCP visit, we held a talk with form four students who were about 30. The aim was to encourage them on their preparations for the final exams, advice on combination and schools (for A-Level studies) selection and life after exams and challenges that await them.


  • Jackson started on academic excellence, where he advised the students on how to get prepared for their final exams effectively by having a positive attitude towards their exams and studies, cooperating with each other; techniques for tackling examinations with flying colours; combinations selection and Advanced level schools selection.


  • Life after exams followed, where Mr. Ndunguru and Glory discussed the role of young people to bring change in society; transmission, impact and how to prevent infections of HIV/AIDS in the society, drug addiction and its impacts on youth and volunteering.


  • Students and teachers were grateful for the knowledge and skills we had imparted on them and promised to bring in their lives and those of others.